SAMEZA Premium Basmati Rice traces its 35-year-old history 
to the kitchens of Middle Eastern and Indian Royalties.

Harvested from a select pick of high grade grains, this 
aristocratic pride of kingly cuisines packs in the highest levels of
quality and nutritional values. Sameza Vintage Collection was designed for the ones who are conscious about good health.

Once only served to monarchs and their distinguished guests, 
this beacon of excellence is now available for all to enjoy.

A promise of a healthier tomorrow. A plate full of only the best.
A life away from the shadows of diabetes, heart conditions and other life impacting conditions derived from our food choices.

SAMEZA...a beautiful symphony of finesse, delectable taste,
and stress-free health. An impactful gift to bring on the table of
todays Royalty, " Our Children Of Tomorrow "

The Masterpiece Grains

Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, SAMEZA basmati rice is
accredited with the Geographical Indication TagThis tag is a sign to
identify a product originating from a specific geographical region which
possess the quality and characteristics attributable to that region.
Just Like Champagne.

SAMEZA’s elite seed is the 1121, grown by heritage artisan farmers. Only
the best grade of 1121 grains are selected. Time-honored customized
drying techniques are then used to ‘Age’ the rice for 2-3 years.
This exclusive journey brings out the oomph in Sameza Vintage Collection

(specific grain circumference, length and tail curvature)